Story traditions of a mighty flood are worldwide. They come from Asia, Australia, North and South America, Europe and Africa. The parallels between many of the more than 230 stories scattered all over the world are amazing. They generally agree that:

1. An ark, barge, or some other floating vessel was involved.
2. Everything was destroyed by water.
3. Only a few chosen people were saved through divine intervention.
4. The Flood was judgment against the wickedness of mankind.
5. Because one person was warned beforehand, he was able to save himself and his family.
6. Animals were often saved with the few humans. Birds were sent out to determine the end of the Flood.
7. The vessel came to rest on the top of a mountain or people were saved at the top of a mountain.

These widespread cultural stories are exactly what you would expect to find after survivors from the Ark spread all over the world. The specific details of the Flood and the Ark would become distorted, but the event wouold be remembered. These story traditions strongly support the reality of the biblical account of this worldwide Flood.

From A Closer Look at the Evidence by Kleiss, May 5.

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