Many people claim that Noah's Flood was just a relatively small local event. Yet God clearly stated in Genesis 6:17 that the coming judgment would be a mighty flood of waters (mabbul mayim). The word for flood (mabbul), used in Genesis 6:17 for the first time, is only used for Noah's Flood; other floods are denoted by different words in the Bible. The Genesis Flood was the “mabbul,” unique in all history. God not only used a unique and exact word for the worldwide Flood, but also made it clear that the waters covered the highest mountains.

God promised to never send another flood upon the earth. Yet there have been countless local floods thorughout history. Either the Genesis Flood was something different, unique, and worldwide–or God is a liar.

Enormous and widespread geologic features around the planet also testify to the global extent of the Flood. From the rapid formation of the Grand Canyon as backed-up waters rushed off the continents…to widespread coal deposits…to oversized river valleys around the world-it is apparent that this planet was once covered with water.

From A Closer Look at the Evidence by Kleiss, November 8.

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