Many people look at the accomplishments of modern man and assume that the enormous advances in technology over the last few centuries are indicators of increasing human intelligence. This idea is propagated by evolutionists who portray early man as a hairy, bent-over, unintelligent beast. In contrast to this perception are the factual archaeological finds of the earliest human civilizations, which reveal that mankind has always been highly intelligent and resourceful. For instance:

1. Some ancient skulls reveal that successful brain surgery was performed by the ancient Inca people of South America.

2. Silk cloth has been found with designs printed 3,000 years before Guttenburg invented the printing press.

3. The Aztecs of Mexico (2000 B.C. to 900 A.D.) monitored the orbit of Venus closely and integrated a calendar with the cycles of Venus.

4. Unbelievably precise calculations went into building the Great Pyramid of Egypt. This single structure contains more quarried stone than what is contained in all of the cathedrals and churches in England. Some 4,000 years ago they were moving cut stones (each weighing up to 100 tons) from 60 miles away.

5. Ancient Egyptian battery cells (made from clay vessels) show that mankind has known about and made use of electricity for thousands of years.

There can be no doubt that mankind was created with unique intelligence and abilities from the very start.

From A Closer Look at the Evidence by Kleiss, November 12.

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