The belief in uniformitarianism (that the past history of our planet can be explained by slow processes over long periods of time) is not a new scientific revelation. Belief in evolution is built upon this foundation of uniformitarianism by denying that there have been major interventions by God in the past. God knew and forewarned mankind of this errant viewpoint thousands of years ago in 2 Peter 3:3.

1. Evolution denies the instantaneous creation of very different forms of life.

2. Evolution ignores that there was ever a curse on man and nature as a result of mankind's rebellion.

3. Evolution suppresses the evidence for the worldwide Flood in spite of enormous geological support testifying to the reality of this event. The global Flood explains the fossil record without the need for evolutionary concepts or time scales and must be denied in order to accept evolution.

4. Evolution undermines Christianity by assuming that death has always been around and is the natural order of things. If this is true, then Christ did not die as a final payment for Adam's (and our) sin because death is normal and not a specific penalty for our rebellion. Adam and Eve simply becomes a fanciful, imaginary story.

Once evolution is accepted as a fact, is it any surprise that Christianity rapidly becomes irrelevant? Is it any surprise that Europe became almost devoid of true Christian faith in the same time frame in which it totally embraced evolutionary theory as fact?

Bruce Malone in A Closer Look at the Evidence by Kleiss, January 12.

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