Life shows every possible characteristic of design by an intelligent designer. If you ask any person to define what characteristics would indicate that an object has been made by an intelligent designer (such as form, complexity, independence of parts, integrated components, etc.) life exhibits these same characteristics. In addition to this, all basic types of animal life appear completely developed, not partially developed. There are no examples of half-developed feathers, eyes, skin, arteries, veins, intestines, or any other vital organ.

Actually, if a reptile leg were to evolve into the wing of a bird, it would become a bad leg long before it would become a good wing. How could such a reptile survive an attack from a predator or catch prey while its legs were in the process of evolving? Before it turned into something else, the animal would become extinct. Adherence to the teachings of evolution, masquerading as science, has blinded even highly intelligent people to the truth. The Bible says it best–claiming to be wise, mankind has become foolish.

From A Closer Look at the Evidence by Kleiss, January 13.

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