If evolution is true, then the earth must be billions of years old, the solar system must be billions of years old, and the universe must be billions of years old. Furthermore, the more we understand just how complex life is, the more time evolution needs to make the impossible seem possible. Since Darwin first proposed his controversial theory more than 160 years ago, the accepted age of the earth and universe has steadily risen. As each new dating method has come along with an older date, the new date has been rapidly accepted and the previous methods simply discarded. By hiding the “origins question” behind billions of years, the unsolvable problems of evolution are made to look more feasible.

Our media and textbooks have implied for well over a century that this almost unimaginable age is correct. Rarely do they examine the shaky assumptions or examine the mounting evidence for a young earth, solar system, and universe. Most people naively accept the idea that the earth and universe are extremely old and base all of their perceptions on this assumption.

The majority of dating techniques indicate that the earth and solar system are quite young–probably less than 10,000 years. The primary reason a young age is rejected is not lack of evidence.

From A Closer Look at the Evidence by Kleiss, September 3.

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