Only the Bible starts with the special creation of all things by an eternal, all-powerful, personal God. The Bible has a unique and reasonable solution to the origin problem–“In the beginning, God created…” Other religious books reveal ignorance on this point. They all propose ideas for the evolution of the universe from existing matter, but do not explain how the matter originated.

For example, the Babylonians stated in their “Enuma Elish,” that the universe began with a primeval chaotic mixture of three kinds of water. The Greek myths proposed an initial state of matter randomly coming together. Roman writers, like Lucretius, assumed that there was a universal blind interplay of atoms. The Orphic myths supposed the universe developed out of a primeval world-egg. Similarly, the modern theory of evolution begins with eternal matter in one form or another. No other book (including modern evolutionary “science” books) is able to go beyond the present order of things to a real first cause.

Only the Bible explains the origin of matter by the existence of God. He is outside of matter, time, and space. He brought matter into existence and can take matter out of existence.

From A Closer Look at the Evidence by Kleiss, June 1.

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