In 1961 the bones of three dinosaur species and two tropical reptiles were reported on the Alaskan tundra near Prudhoe Bay. Today, this area is far too cold to support such life. The remains of many other warm weather species have also been discovered in the far North. Were these organisms carried there by the worldwide Flood, or was the climate on the earth vastly different in the past?

The most recent creation research indicates that the climate around the Artic Ocean would have been quite mild for centuries after the woldwide flood. This area would have remained relatively warm until the oceans cooled off from the tectonic and volcanic flood activity. Once this body of water permanently froze over the climate rapidly changed, trapping temporate animals and vegitation into a permanently frozen state.

This theory may someday prove to be wrong. Other Earth characteristics such as the worldwide Flood, the roundness of the globe, the paths of water in the ocean, the weight of air, the hydraulic water cycle, and many other recent discoveries of Earth science are specifically mentioned in the Bible. Modern science has confirmed the total accuracy of these statements.

While we don't depend on science to prove the Bible accurate, scientific findings have never disagreed with the clear and straightforward statements which the Bible makes about science and Earth history.

From A Closer Look at the Evidence by Kleiss, June 28.

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